Training To Be A Private Investigator

So you want to be a private investigator but you don’t know where to start?
You’ve googled “private investigator training” and found a multitude of training courses!

Private Investigator Training

There are lots of factors put into consideration when choosing a professional private investigation training course.  Unlike other professions, a degree in investigations is not a requirement to enter into the industry. Competing against individuals with extensive backgrounds in the Police, Military and Security can be a daunting task, but many industry experts believe hitting the classroom can help jump-start a career in investigations.

What’s involved in becoming a Private Investigator?

Private investigations is a career that can be done on a part time basis. This is common among people who are coming into the industry but who don’t want to risk leaving their day job until their agency is established. This might be stressful but if you have passion for it, you can plan your time in such a way that your new investigation job does not clash with the other career.

Some agencies specialise in certain aspects of private investigations. Services that PI’s offer include surveillance, peace of mind investigations, tracing debtors, missing children and long lost relatives. Other services offered are corporate investigations, professional witness, insurance and personal injury fraud. A major service is process services.

An in-depth knowledge of these subjects is necessary to become a success in this business. Additionally, knowledge of how to form and run a business is essential.

Become A Detective By Studying From Home

That’s right, a private investigation course that will give you an amazing career at a price you can afford!  Imagine a year from now, you could be a qualified investigator!  You’ll see things that normal people don’t.  That is the difference between you and them.  You’ll see small details that most people overlook.

Obtain your Edexcel BTEC Qualification in Advanced Private Investigation Level 3 Diploma

This is a unique opportunity to enter the profession as a competent investigator.

Through the Academy’s Distance Learning Course you will:

  • develop your investigative knowledge and skills
  • learn the operational and business aspects of the profession
  • learn how to set up and manage your detective agency
  • obtain your officially recognized qualification
  • open the door to a fantastic new and exciting career
  • be ready to take your first steps in obtaining new clients

In fact, you will be taught every aspect of how to become a private detective and how to setup a private investigation agency.

Funding Your Course

Are you unemployed? Or have recently left our nation’s military services? You can obtain funding from various organisations for the course. If you are unemployed, the DWP can pay up to 100% of the training course.

For serving or ex military personnel, the PI Academy is an Enhanced learning Credits (ELCAS) Approved Learning Provider (number 3971).

Take the First Step Today

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