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Can I say that I have been very impressed with the efficiency of your service and I will certainly use you again when we need anything similar.

Annabel J Clark
Solicitor, Monro Fisher Wasbrough LLP

Thank you for all the conscientious help for a job well done. Seeing the solictor in Daventry next week. Regads and many thanks.

Rugby, Warwickshire

I was looking to trace a friend’s family with whom he’d lost touch due to illness. You went above and beyond the call of duty and I and my friend’s family are very grateful indeed for your kind assistance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs them.


I staying in a place called Swinton in Manchester on Biz.. i drove past a place i recognised, an area where  afriend of mine lived, who i’d lost contact with, last seen him in 2002.. Belled Jorge up.. 2 mins later.. full postal address txtd.

Quick detour, he lives 3 mins from where i staying.. just got in from having spent an hour with him having a brew.

What a boy.. favour in Brad bank fella. Jorgey rocks..

Brad Burton
MD @ 4Networking.biz

Thank you for your time today and both the professional and efficient service shown by yourselves and your agents. Rest assured that if we need your services in the future, we will use you again.

Limited Company in Essex

I needed to track down an employee from my previous business to offer him a job, but had come to a dead end. Allied Detectives had him found within 10 minutes! Contact made, job offered and accepted a couple of days later.

Steve Lundy

My wife had spent a small fortune on various online people-finding services to try and find an old friend – they were all useless. As soon as I found out what she was up to I instantly remembered that I’d heard a few people speak highly of Allied Detectives. I called them and gave them the very few details we had. Unbelievably they got back to me within a few hours with full contact details. My wife and her friend are delighted to be back in touch with each other.

Duane Jackson

Thank you for your prompt service of the documents. We will definately be using your services in future and will spread the word to our colleagues here in Jamaica. Thank you again.

Sharlene Blake
Archer, Cummings & Company, Jamaica, W.I.

I approached Allied Detectives with a very complex problem, but, in the main, it was with regard to the true identity of an individual. Once I had explained the situation and given relevant details to Jorge, I had my answer within weeks. The costs were agreed beforehand and very fair, for the level of work this investigation involved .  I could not have resolved this situation to my satisfaction, had it not been for Allied Detectives, thanks!


I was recently let down by a freelance telemarketer who ‘disappeared’ and would not reply to calls or e-mails. Whilst he had not been paid so that I was not out of money, he had my information and I did not know who he had called on behalf of my company – which meant that either I would not follow through on commitments made to them on behalf of the company or I would end up calling them again and look really bad. Allied Detectives within minutes of getting what little data I had, tracked him down via his partners online business allowing me to track him down via the website number. And all of this was on a Sunday, as well.

This was wonderful service. I was seriously annoyed at being treated in this way, and somewhat frustrated by my inability to do anything about it. I now know where he got with the campaign and can take over from there and have the satisfaction if being able to demonstrate that I take customer care and my business’ reputation very seriously.

HireScores.com – rating recruitment

Just a short note to thank you for all your excellent work in tipping the balance of this case in favour of our mutual clients. I hope that we can work together again on a case.

Solicitors, Paddington

A first class piece of Detective work, well done. Thanks again

Director, Oxford

I wish I had called you before the police, An excellent result!

Trustee of a London based Charity

We are sorry that the respondent in this case was particularly unpleaseant, however my client and I would like to thank-you for your professional approach in dealing with the matter

Solicitor, Northamptom

Thank-you so much for your report, we are delighted with your findings

Solicitor, Welwyn Garden City

We have received your locus report and photographs and they are FANTASTIC thank-you very much

Legal & Insurance Agent, Southampton

Thank you for the report – good work.

Solicitor – Coventry

Just to let you know I got that court order for my son’s school, if it wasn’t for you mate I wouldn’t know where my son was. I would recommend you to any one who wants to find somebody, many thanks.


I was very impressed with the service that we received from you. I have asked our Knowledge team to store your details so that anyone needing process serving in future can contact you.

James Popperwell
Addleshaw Goddard Solicitors

Thank you for all your assistance in this matter, I have been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your investigation.

Eve Poole
Goodman Solicitors