Case Study – Taxi for Mr Logi

An employer raised concerns about a staff member who was employed to run a rail station site without supervision. Customer complaints were plenty about the unreliable automated machinery. The staff member could never be located by customers or by supervisors who visited.

When the Investigator conducted surveillance it became apparent that the staff member was moonlighting and had a second job. After he had opened and cleaned the site at 0700 hours each morning he then went on to his second job as a taxi driver, whilst still claiming hours for the first job. He would then even pick-up his taxi passengers from the rail station!

He would return later to clean and secure the site at 1900 hours.

Our client instructed us to hire the taxi and take a ride to a set location whereby he could be met by a senior manager and suspended for alleged gross misconduct on full pay, in accordance with the terms of his employment.

The employee declined to attend the scheduled disciplinary hearing and subsequently went AWOL. The employee was later dismissed in his absence and the company heard nothing further.