Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour ASB

Tackling anti-social behaviour is high on the agenda of both national government and local agencies. Local partnerships, together with local communities, have been encouraged to identify local problems, develop strategies and action plans, and evaluate their interventions to inform future practice.

Evaluations of what works in reducing anti-social behaviour are scarce. Where they do exist, they are carried out locally with very little standardisation in methodology. For this reason, it is difficult to make informed judgements about what works and what does not work to reduce anti-social behaviour. Despite this, however, it is clear that many ASB Enforcement Units are using Professional Witness Services to gather the evidence needed to take action.

We can provide trained professional witnesses with the most up to date surveillance technology to get the evidence you need to take further action. This includes but is not limited to eye witness testimony, covert CCTV evidence from our investigators;

Interviewing suspects and witnesses
Statement Taking
Case File Preparation
Giving evidence in Court
Seeing the case through from start to finish