Surveillance Services

surveillance services

We are specialised providers of surveillance services, throughout the UK, supplying our clients with critical information and video evidence to resolve complex issues and minimise their exposure to fraud and malpractice.

Surveillance is a specialist subject and has many forms. Our specialist agents have trained in the Military and the Police Service and others come from accredited commercial routes. Surveillance is not simple or easy. Following a person undetected for long periods of time takes planning, expertise, equipment and manpower.

Our surveillance operations are conducted lawfully and within guidelines set out by various laws governing the subject of surveillance. Data Protection, Human Rights, Privacy and even RIPA may have to be considered during some operations.

Our hand written logs support our operations during the period of surveillance; these can be used as best evidence in both civil and criminal court proceedings, because they are made at the time of the observation.

Example of an Actual Mobile Surveillance

Static Surveillance

Static observations are conducted from locations with good overall vision of the target. The platform is usually a specialist vehicle that has been modified for the purpose. Our fleet of surveillance vans and vehicles offer concealment to our operatives for many hours whilst being very close to the subject. Hard wired CCTV installations including 360 degree pan, tilt and zoom capability with captured images being recorded on to the latest digital media. Footage will be supplied on DVD with supporting logs and statements.

Mobile Surveillance

In all cases we recommend that a minimum of two operatives are used although we are happy to undertake assignments using a single operative on the understanding that the client accepts that in surveillance cases, particularly when only one investigator is used, there can be losses.

If a loss occurs, the investigator(s) will endeavour to locate the subject but under normal circumstances, but we will cease the surveillance within an hour of the loss and the client will only be charged on a time and line basis for that day.

We have experienced motorcycle operatives who can also use covert filming whilst mobile, Call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Foot Surveillance

Conducting surveillance on foot in any town or city takes experience. In all cases more than one operative with radio communications must be used. The variables are unknown and targets may use public transport, taxis or other means of getting around.

We as the team may need to gather intelligence over several days before we can deploy a full team to cover the target person or persons. In a major city such as London or Birmingham each target should have at least three operatives.

This is a specialist area and anyone offering these services must really be experienced in doing so. This is especially important in matters where evidence may be used in civil or criminal proceedings.

Rural Surveillance

Sometimes an assignment will need a special type of surveillance operative. Some of these types of operation can be conducted by CCTV and other technology and others quite simply some can’t!

Remote rural surveillance is conducted by highly trained ex-forces personnel who will imbed in to the surrounding landscape and capture evidence required to court standards.

These types of deployments are particularly useful at fly tipping and pollutant hotspots whilst acting for Local Authorities, land owners and livestock farmers.

Electronic Technical Surveillance

Electronic Technical surveillance is the use of specialist hardware to ascertain subject’s activities and whereabouts. We have the latest GPS tracking devices and can track a vehicle covertly by GPS either with a live or passive device. For more information please call us for a consultation.

Our Assurance

We fully understand that making the decision to use our surveillance services is not one to be taken lightly. We will assign a dedicated case manager to work with you at all stages of the investigation.

We give you our assurance that your case will be handled with the upmost care and discretion. Please call us to discuss your needs in complete confidence.