Serving a witness summons

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. At 12:30 hours, I received a telephone call from a Solicitor that needed five Witness Summons picked up from court and served either on the day or over the weekend.

The case was about a child and the medical notes were being withheld by the parents. The solicitors needed the documents and decided to summons anyone that might have access to them.

The summons were duly picked up and the 1st on the list was served without any problems.

The 2nd “Servee” was a solicitor and she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I decided to leave her until Saturday and I duly served her at her home. She wasn’t a happy bunny.

I then attempted to serve the 3rd on the list, a hospital consultant. She wasn’t there and the hospital were very unhelpful and I left her a message to call me (she didn’t). I then traced her to her home about 3/4 of a mile away from the hospital. She was very surprised to see me and demanded to know how I had traced her. I replied “It’s what I do” in my best “Art Noire” PI voice.

I also served the GP in the case and again he complained that he had a full surgery on Monday. I explained that he needed to inform the Judge on Monday about that.

I also served the parents who reacted by saying that they refused to accept service. When I informed them that they were served anyway, the man threw it me and demanded that I leave his property. Since I was leaving anyway, I didn’t have a problem with this.

Just another typical Friday afternoon.