Professional Witness

professional witness
Professional witness surveillance is a highly specialised field. Our CROPS trained surveillance investigators work with local authority, housing associations and antisocial units throughout the UK. We obtain evidence in highly difficult situations and our professional witnesses are able to give their evidence in court where others have not wished to.

Our professional witness services are second to none. Professional witnesses require flexible and innovative techniques that are at the heart of the way we operate. Antisocial behaviour ASB is a worsening problem that needs a professional approach in order to deal with it effectively and within the law.

What is a Professional Witness?

A Professional Witness is a neutral person, who would work with a body to investigate potential crime and disorder and other areas of potential difficulty. The role of the Professional Witness is to try to obtain photographic or video evidence to be passed to the agency or Court process as required.

Professional Witnesses are extremely well trained surveillance investigators, who have an understanding of the Law and who can blend into the modern urban environment, they understand street situations and what to look for, and they have the ability to communicate at all levels and are open minded for all situations.

Our Professional Witnesses understand Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act – RIPA 2000  and whether surveillance should be designated as directed or non-directed.  We also deal with any related paperwork, including health and safety and risk assessment forms.

How our Professional Witness Services can solve your problem!

Crime and the perception of crime feature very highly in most peoples minds and is the problem that concerns your residents the most. Some residents are either unwilling or too scared or simply unreliable to use as witnesses.

We can provide trained professional witnesses with the most up to date surveillance technology to get the evidence you need to take further action. This includes but is not limited to eye witness testimony, covert CCTV evidence from our investigators;

  • Interviewing suspects and witnesses
  • Statement Taking
  • Case File Preparation
  • Giving evidence in Court
  • Seeing the case through from start to finish

Such investigations can be concluded rapidly and incur very little cost in comparison to ongoing operational service costs for rubbish removal, clean up campaigns and repairs to property.

Due to the nature of ASB situations, it is often the case that after having obtained the evidence, you then need to serve the antisocial tenants with legal papers.  You can rest assured that our court process servers are highly experienced in this field.

Your initial consultation is always free of charge and obligation so call us now for an informal discussion on our freephone 020 3397 7456.

Assuring you of a professional investigation, conducted to the highest industry standards and with diligence, discretion and complete confidentiality