Our Official Social Network Follow Policy | Allied Detectives

We are on several Social Networking platforms including forums like this one. As a result we have a long list of “followers” or people that we connect with or interact with. We value those connections and as such felt that we needed a follow policy so that everyone knows what to expect from us.

I’ve established the following Social Networking/Following Policy so that anyone who wishes to “connect,” “friend” or “follow” me can clearly understand how and why and on which service I may, or may not, chose to interact with them. As a result, my policy helps me manage the expectations of my network. When everyone knows what to expect, they won’t be upset if, for example, I connect with them on LinkedIn, but haven’t “friended” them on Facebook.

Twitter | Professional Networking, Develop Business Opportunities, Learn and Grown professionally and Personally, Have Fun

I normally follow those that interact with me using the @. I don’t always follow back especially if I am already connected with you elsewhere. I follow tweeps through lists as well.

e-LEGAL Gathering | Maintain Professional CPD’s (Continuing Professional Development), Join in Interesting Law and PI related discussions, Professional Networking, Obtain Professional Resources and Services.

Facebook | This is a company page for Allied detectives on Facebook.

LinkedIn | Maintain Contact and Network with Former/Current Colleagues, Professional Networking on Discussion Groups

That’s it. I look forward to reading your Comments.