Case Study-Miracle Recovery

An employee filed an injury compensation claim against his employer. He claimed that a cronic back injury sustained whilst on duty prevented him from returning to work and leading a normal life. His accident was not witnessed. He was repeatedly signed off sick with a back injury by his GP.

After 9 months of paying the employee the company had made him an appointment with a Private Doctor to which the employee declined. He state that he would be on holiday with his family.

In correspondence with the employee the company persuaded him to stay in constant contact and he complied giving an address of a Holiday Complex in Cornwall.

As the company was still paying the employee it was decided that an Investigator would attend the Holiday Complex. The brief was simply to ascertain whether the employee was exaggerating his injury or not. Our investigator witnessed the employee pitching his tent and generally larking around with his kids playing football.

In one tell tale photograph obtained the employee picked up his rather large wife from a sun lounger and ran with her in his arms before leaping in to a swimming pool.

When confronted with the photo and video evidence at the end of his holiday the employee withdrew his claim and resigned.