Jorge Salgado-Reyes, PI – A day in the life of

The following takes place between…yeah I know I’m not Jack Bauer.

11am woke up late, I have vague memories of my GF waking up in the middle of the night to go to work (about 7am), I did all the usual stuff ie had a shower etc.

12noon – went out to get my mail. amongst it , I had a new instructions from a private client who needs a trace on someone who owes him money.

12:15 back in front of my PC and am entering my new clients details on my kashflow software. It keeps track of all my clients and does my bookkeeping.

12:20 hours sent my new client an invoice via email.

12:30 hours, client paid the new invoice via PAY PAL.

12:35 hours – began the trace. only details I have are name and last known address.

12:36 hours – 1st database that I try …and BINGO! I have the info. all details are there. client will be happy and upset at the same time. I have located the trace subject but he is dead.

13:00 hours – am sending reminder emails to my clients whose invoices are overdue. I spoke with one who is significantly overdue. All the overdue clients are solicitors.

14:00 hours – had to go out and get 4 affidavits sworn at the county court.

15:15 hours – decided to do a bit of seo on the various websites.

16:30 hours – 2 more traces have come in. One is easy and the other is going to be hard.

17:00 hours – decided to veg out on the sofa for a couple of hours. I have to do some serves tonight.

21:15 hours, Just served a Non-molestation order on a very unpleasant individual. the other 3 serves went without a hitch.

03:00 hours – on my way to fit a tracker on a clients husbands car and on the clients sister as well.

04:20 hours – back trackers fitted with no problems. the computer appears to be receiving the data well.

04:30 hours – Can’t sleeeeeeezzzzzzzz