The world’s first i-Enquire app for Solicitors and legal professionals

The world’s first interactive iPhone app for Solicitors and legal professionals to appoint an Enquiry Agent, Process Server or Private Investigator was launched today by Allied Detectives. A new iPhone app has been launched which allows Solicitors, Barristers and anyone else to instruct a professional agent whilst they are away from their busy offices. The “i-Enquire” app is free on iTunes. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS locate abilities to calculate which AlliedDetectives office is nearest to them, allowing the user to instruct the appropriate Enquiry Agent, Process Server or Private...

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How to have a Statutory Demand (SD) set aside

There are many creditors who are issuing Statutory Demands (SD’s) inappropriately i.e. as a threat only and have no intention of going the whole route of making someone bankrupt. I have therefore set out a step by step guide to defending yourself from these types of threats. Now in my job as a Process Server, I serve a lot of SD’s and people generally have a misconception that they can avoid or evade being served. This misconception clearly comes from the influence of American movies where you see the process server attempting to serve the person who refuses to receive it in their hands. In...

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