Allied Detectives are watching you

Private Investigators have always been used since time immemorial. But now, with almost half of all divorce cases involving investigators, it seems the rest of us are also spying on our partners. It was a quite Saturday afternoon in leafy suburbia somewhere in Surrey. Kids were playing on their bikes, the sun was shining. Being unobtrusive here is simple. Just pretend to speak on a mobile fone. Jorge Salgado-Reyes knows this and it makes his job easy. “There are so many people that park their cars to use their fones that it effectively makes you invisible.” Jorge, a former Retail Loss...

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The Cheaters Guide To Valentine’s Day

A loved one buying themselves a PAYG phone has been revealed as the No. 1 way to spot that they may be cheating. Love is in the air, but for many couples the black cloud of infidelity could rain on the amorous parade. Private Investigator Jorge Salgado-Reyes is a man who specialises in catching people “at it”, and claims that highly effective cheaters often display the following tell-tale cheating signs. As Valentine’s Day approaches, many partners across the UK hide their guilty betrayals so well that many lovers just never catch on. A leading UK Private Investigations company is now...

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