Case Study – Petty Pilferers Nicked

A large well known London hotel employed several valet drivers to park guest’s cars at a nearby car park. Over a period of several months customer complaints had increased about minor thefts from vehicles.

The thefts amounted to petty pilfering of sweets, cigarettes, small change and other inconsequential items. The investigation involved three hire cars which were fully loaded with pre-listed items.

The mission was simple;

  • Arrive at the hotel and hand over the keys to the valet drivers.
  • Upon return of the vehicles a couple of hours later, take an inventory of the cars items.
  • Report any missing items to Hotel Security (who were involved in the sting)

A search of the valet drivers and their lockers by Security Staff (a condition of their employment) recovered stolen property.

The operation was a complete success resulting in the recovery of stolen property from our vehicles and from others. Two staff were arrested by the police and charged with theft.