Case Study – eBay Auctions

eBay is a fantastic internet auction tool, for buying and selling alike. Over the past few years it has grown in to a massive internet community of international “eBayers“. Within this community are dishonest buyers and sellers whose sole aim is to make a fast buck and move on to their next victim. eBay as an organisation have always stayed up and ahead of the scam artists and do make every reasonable attempt to disrupt dishonest activity through their site.

This does only go so far as much is out of the hands of the eBay Fraud department. There is is a growing community of dishonest persons selling stolen or counterfeit goods. In most cases eBay are powerless to act, because the item can not be verified as stolen or counterfeit until the item actually arrives. Some times the item never arrives, because it simply was not available to sell in the first place.

At Allied Detectives we have helped retailers and distributers identify their own staff selling company stock for their own financial profit through internet auctions. We have also assist solicitors in proving that debtors are earning substantial amounts of money through eBay accounts.

Using legitimate eBay accounts with history belonging to our extensive network of agents we will purchase items and return them to their rightful owners. Often stock can be verified from batch, serial or SKU numbers as being the property of the client company.

At the end of the auction the identity of the seller is revealed to the buyer. We can arrange collection of larger items either in person or by other means whilst covertly recording any telephone calls or emails exchanged. Using covert cameras we can capture collections from sellers and present the evidence for internal hearings, disciplinaries or proscecution use.

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