Case Study – Buried Treasure

A demolition company required our services to attend a site of a former Distribution Centre in the Midlands where it was suspected that operatives were burying high value scrap intended for recycling. All scrap from a Demolition site has a value. Even the bricks are crushed and used for hard core. Steel girders are sent for smelting, as is all the copper piping and cabling which are used in the electricals and plumbing.

It was suspected that the workers were burying high voltage electrical cable with JCB’s during the week when the site management were present and then unearthing it at the weekend when all the managers were at home.

The site prevented a few problems. Not least that it was surrounded by a 3 metre high hoarding on all sides and the only entrance was manned by a security guard and overlooked by a busy railway line.

The night before the operation our surveillance operatives attended the site and under cover of darkness.  The sound of passing freight trains drowned the sound of our drill as Allied operatives drilled ‘spy holes’ at strategic positions around the site, just big enough for a camera lens.

The Saturday surveillance went ahead and not a foot was put wrong by the workers for the whole day. But on the Sunday at around 10am the JCB’s sprung in to action with many of the workers involved. Tonnes of high voltage cable was unearthed from the ground and cut up in to manageable pieces to be carried in a fleet of vans to an undisclosed location.

Our operatives followed the van to a local scrap dealer whereby it was witnessed that the workers were disposing of their ill gotten gains. The management were correct with their assumptions and the matter was dealt with by the company who called in the police.