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Surveillance Investigation: Golf, midlife crisis and affairs

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Surveillance has become a lot cheaper and more accurate to do. In the old days you would sit for days waiting for people to do something. What if you could just be present just when you could catch them in the act and know where to be. This would cut down the time wasted on manual surveillance and get on with other jobs, cut down the cost of a job for a client, making my services a lot more affordable. Especially for the types of job that effect the average punter with a limited budget. That’s when the new tools of the trade come in handy. I...

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Allied Detectives are watching you

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Private Investigators have always been used since time immemorial. But now, with almost half of all divorce cases involving investigators, it seems the rest of us are also spying on our partners. It was a quite Saturday afternoon in leafy suburbia somewhere in Surrey. Kids were playing on their bikes, the sun was shining. Being unobtrusive here is simple. Just pretend to speak on a mobile fone. Jorge Salgado-Reyes knows this and it makes his job easy. “There are so many people that park their cars to use their fones that it effectively makes...

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Serving a witness summons

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Yesterday was a very busy day for me. At 12:30 hours, I received a telephone call from a Solicitor that needed five Witness Summons picked up from court and served either on the day or over the weekend. The case was about a child and the medical notes were being withheld by the parents. The solicitors needed the documents and decided to summons anyone that might have access to them. The summons were duly picked up and the 1st on the list was served without any problems. The 2nd “Servee” was a solicitor and she wasn’t...

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How to prevent your staff stealing

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Is staff theft and fraud affecting your profits? Find out out how to protect yourself, your stock and your bottom line. Retail crime is an expensive problem for company’s according to a new report by the British Chambers of Commerce which puts the annual cost of crime against business at £12.6 billion – an increase of 20 per cent since its previous survey in 2004. 3,900 businesses were surveyed nationwide and they found that 59 per cent had experienced at least one crime in the previous 12 months. This survey reflect Salgado’s own...

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She was watching the detectives…

Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Private investigations | 0 comments

But who are the detectives watching? The work of a private detective is interesting and varied. Have you ever considered that it might be the perfect life for you? Are you good at knowing when “things just aren’t right”? Do you love getting to the bottom of things? Are you searching for something exciting and different? Allied Detectives are looking for new partner investigators, both here in the UK and overseas. Become a private detective, by becoming an Allied Detective! No experience? With our unique and bespoke training programme you...

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Cheaters

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in privacy | 0 comments

Want to cheat on your partner and get away with it? It’s not as easy as you think. However, according to Croydon Private Investigator Jorge Salgado-Reyes – a man who specialises in catching people “at it” – there are certain things you can do to reduce your chances of being found out: (1) Get a pay-as-you-go phone: mobile phone records are now the #1 way cheaters get caught. Pay-as-you-go means no itemised bills and, if you delete flirty texts and your call records, you’ll cover your phone tracks. (2) Give your lover a fake name: suspicious...

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Thieving little Britons?

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More than three quarters of workers have stolen from their current or previous places of work, according to new research. Anonymous online research commissioned by private investigators Allied Detectives found that over £432m of company goods, including laptops, confidential personal data, and TVs are stolen in the UK each year. The poll found that 78% of the participants had stolen from their place of work at some point in their lives. This means that with individuals admitting to stealing, on average, more than £920 worth of items...

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Tracking and the law

Posted by on May 25, 2012 in privacy, surveillance | 1 comment

Having attended the WAPI Seminar on Saturday 19th November 2011, I was blown away by the second speaker Mr David Swarbrick’s presentation on Hacking, Blagging, Bugging & Tracking.  The presentation was a 3 hour affair and it was heavy going at times. I want to focus on the tracking part of the presentation. It is quite clear that if you combine client instructions (written or digitally transmitted) that identify a person and a vehicle and then you deploy any type of tracker, the information gathered by the tracker becomes personal data as...

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Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour ASB

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Tackling anti-social behaviour is high on the agenda of both national government and local agencies. Local partnerships, together with local communities, have been encouraged to identify local problems, develop strategies and action plans, and evaluate their interventions to inform future practice. Evaluations of what works in reducing anti-social behaviour are scarce. Where they do exist, they are carried out locally with very little standardisation in methodology. For this reason, it is difficult to make informed judgements about what works...

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Jorge Salgado-Reyes, PI – A day in the life of

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The following takes place between…yeah I know I’m not Jack Bauer. Monday 11am woke up late, I have vague memories of my GF waking up in the middle of the night to go to work (about 7am), I did all the usual stuff ie had a shower etc. 12noon – went out to get my mail. amongst it , I had a new instructions from a private client who needs a trace on someone who owes him money. 12:15 back in front of my PC and am entering my new clients details on my kashflow software. It keeps track of all my clients and does my bookkeeping....

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